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Customer Support Made Simple

Our image recognition based product identification platform simplifies and accelerates the customer support process and drives down your support delivery costs.

"This image recognition technology is something we’re going to see more of in customer service."

Jeremy Watkin, Head of Quality - FCR, CustomerThink.com

Before you can provide support, you need to know what you're supporting.

Product identification is the first step in the support process, but it is often...


The time spent on product identification averages 50% of the support call and represents a significant portion of your service delivery costs.


Deciphering product descriptions given by customers can lead to misunderstandings and errors. This confusion often leads to repeat calls, which drive up costs and drive down customer satisfaction.


If your products can't be identified accurately, your support staff can’t do their jobs, and both customer and employee end up frustrated and unhappy.

Drishyam AI simplifies customer support and helps enterprises reduce support costs using its Deep Learning-based image recognition platform to automate and streamline the product identification process. Your customers just snap a photo of the product, and our software instantly identifies the make and model. Yes, it’s that easy.

Faster answers for them, cost savings for you!

Drishyam AI puts Image Recognition capabilities at your customers' fingertips.

Drishyam AI’s Image Recognition technology can be embedded or integrated into your company’s app, or your customers can simply text (SMS) photos of their products to Drishyam AI. In both cases, our image-recognition technology does the resource-intensive work of identifying products quickly and painlessly. Your customers aren’t waiting on hold, and your support reps aren’t spending time getting customers to describe the product.

Embedded in your mobile app

Our Image Recognition technology can be integrated into your mobile app. Your customers never leave your app, giving you total control of the experience. This creates opportunities to upsell.

Via SMS (text message)

Not ready for an integrated solution? Our product identification can be provided to your customers via our white-label SMS (text message) solution.

Market Applications

Our technology can be applied anywhere product or part identification is required, and is often utilized in the following industries.

Plumbing Fixtures

Appliances & Electronics

Heavy Engineering


Watch how Drishyam AI helps the faucet and fixture industry reduced their customer support costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Why Drishyam AI?

The Drishyam AI platform offers your enterprise the best of all worlds: reduced costs, improved customer experience and increases to your bottom line.

Decrease Customer Support Costs

Drishyam AI lowers the cost of customer support calls by reducing call volume by 30% and call length by 50%.

Improve Customer Experience

By quickly providing an accurate product identification, you reduce your customer’s frustrations - Customer support becomes a positive experience.

Increase Profit Margin

Drishyam AI allows you to leverage customer support as sales. Now call time is utilized for upselling, while call costs decrease.

About Us

Our motto – a picture is worth a 1,000 keywords. Our goal is to help companies reduce the friction inherent in the product identification and support process. We believe that images can save customers and enterprises time — time that can now be used more productively.

Satish Mandalika

Satish obtained an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and has 20+ years of enterprise experience in engineering and product management.

Manoj Gootam

Holds a Masters in Data Science from George Washington University and Bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. 5+ years of experience across Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Recognition and NLP.

Varaha Appikatla

Deep expertise in enterprise software. Worked for large enterprise companies in multiple domains. Expertise in large cloud deployments across enterprises

Paul DeSousa

Paul is a Senior Executive with 25 years management experience, having led Contact Centers and service offerings for two of the world’s largest Kitchen & Bath manufacturers.

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