Privacy Policy

Q: Who is the site/app owner?
A:, Inc. A bay area based startup.

Q: What data is being collected? How is that data being collected?
A: No data is being collected.

Q: For which purposes is the data collected? Analytics? Email Marketing?
A: Photos being clicked by users are being analysed for objects such as faucets, lamps. etc. No Analytics are being run. No data is being used for email marketing

Q: What third parties will have access to the information? Will any third party collect data through widgets (e.g. social buttons) and integrations (e.g. facebook connect)?
A: No data is being collected. Only logins are being shared by 3rd party social Apps.

Q: What rights do users have? Can they request to see the data you have on them, can they request to rectify, erase or block their data (under European regulations most of this is mandatory)?
A: No user data is being saved anywhere

Effective date of the privacy policy: 15th March, 2017